Proto decollette

Thanks to the diploma obtained at Arsutoria School I'm able to create models and prototypes like this one.

The model was entirely made by me, from the idea to the design and the related prototype. The challenge was to create an elegant but at the same time aggressive shoe, with a touch of impetuosity.


The drawing on paper. The beginning of the real prototyping.

The inner side of the décolleté is “asymmetrical” with respect to the right side. The mask made “sexy” thanks to a symmetrical curve that makes you see the beginning of the fingers.

The heel forms a single piece with the strap suffering from a Y-shaped fork, all adorned with pointed steel studs


Below we have the prototype made of microfibre where we can understand which (if any) of the changes to be made, how to avoid wasting material etc. etc.

fitting test.

The fitting or rather the fit test is one of the most important parts where we can finally see our product
We will understand if there are errors, where and how, but above all how to remedy for a fit without forcing, comfortable and visibly beautiful

Who I am Chi sono

I'm a dreamer with the passion for design. A wanderlust in love with creativity.

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Thanks to the diploma obtained at Arsutoria School I’m able to create models and prototypes like this one.


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Fashion Show FGI 2019

Capsule of my own design, which was on the runway of Fashion Graduate Italia 2019, Les Folies de Pigalle.


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ModaPortugal 2019

Nomination as one of the 3 Young Italian designers in Portugal for the footwear category.


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